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Laivi is a fashion designer and artist currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. The brand operates largely on made to order basis to provide perfect designs fulfilling customer’s desires. This approach ensures exclusivity and emphasises the workmanship involved in producing each item. Garments are made under no rush with required care, consideration and attention to detail to provide the best possible outcome. In nature, the brand’s approach is minimising overproduction and wastage. All items in our selection are one-offs with unique properties/finishing.
Laivi Scarf SCR_001
135 €
Laivi x Reede Tote L - Orange
Tavahind 90 €
Soodushind 45 €
Laivi x Reede Tote S - Orange
Tavahind 70 €
Soodushind 35 €
Laivi Face Mask MSK_001
15 €
Laivi Socks SCK_001
Tavahind 22 €
Soodushind 16 €